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Estimated Quarterly Taxes:

  • Estimated quarterly taxes for self-employed individuals and small business owners must be paid on April 18, June 15 and September 15th, 2022, and January 17, 2023. 

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 – Stimulus Package 

Calculate your payment here.

  • Child Tax Credit

    • Credit fully-refundable for 2021

    • Makes 17-year-olds eligible as qualifying children

    • $3,000 per child

    • $3,600 per child under 6

    • Phased out for taxpayers with incomes over:

      • $150,000 for Married Filing Jointly

      • $112,500 for Head of Household

      • $75,000 for Others

        • When phased out, taxpayers making less than $400,000 will still receive $2,000 per child up to 16-years-old and $500 for adult dependents.

    • Paid monthly in advance, 1/12 annual estimated amount

Would You Like a Complimentary Tax Return Review?

If you filed elsewhere but would like a free consultation to check that your submitted return is accurate, with the best possible outcome, please send us a copy of your return, and we will schedule a review.

Have questions? We gotta guy. Call us at 732.637.8881.

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