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The Empire Promise

My name is Jamie Pitta, Founder & CEO of Empire Tax Services. I strive to become your trusted tax adviser with the express understanding that your trust is earned.  


I offer my experience, knowledge, and meticulous eye for detail to seek every opportunity for your benefit. I have painstakingly developed a refined system of tax preparation that is efficient, effective, and makes taxes a little less...taxing. Pun intended. :) 


I thank you for placing your trust in me and with Empire Tax Services. You can rest assured knowing that we will use every tool at our disposal to reduce your tax liabilities in an ethical and professional manner. 

This is The Empire Promise.


Founder and CEO


We offer a full range of cost-effective services for both individuals and corporations. 


We offer easy and efficient e-filing for both individuals and businesses.



Start resolving your tax debt today. We'll work with the IRS and state agencies on your behalf.

Build Your empire with us

Are you self employed, working on a 1099, or starting a business?

We can help you navigate the process with direct consultation services.

Networking & Building  RELATIONSHIPS

Our trusted network of experts enables us to provide our valued clients with a wide range of services and referrals.  

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